B YOURSELF - Pisces String Bracelet

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Pisces String Ring ~ February 19/20 - March 20 For a more casual look, thread your Boume... more
Product information "B YOURSELF - Pisces String Bracelet"

Pisces String Ring

~ February 19/20 - March 20

For a more casual look, thread your Boume cubes onto a string bracelet woven from macracmé for luxurious durability and adjustable for the perfect fit. Create an infinity of looks by wearing your Boume cubes on a variety of different settings, from bangles and brooches, to earrings, cufflinks and necklaces. Boume settings have been specially designed to allow you express your creative flair and showcase your choice of cubes against statement backdrops. Cubes can be easily combined across different settings, so you can create beautiful, bespoke jewellery that you can change to suit your mood. Boume settings: Are hand-crafted, with love, in Germany from 18k solid gold. Are available in three beautiful tones: yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Are adjustable so you can customise the size for your perfect fit. Are marked with a certified 750g gold stamp and our Boume ‘B’ logo.

  • 18k gold cube
  • 18k gold square closures
  • Dark blue macramé string bracelet
  • Adjustable strap
  • Small cube (6x6mm)

Please note, delivery takes up to 5 weeks.

The knots of our macramé string Bracelet are adjustable. When closed the circumference of the bracelet is 17.5cm for women and 19cm for men.

The hole of the cube has a diameter of 3mm.

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Gender: Female, Male
Goldtone: Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold
Carrier: Bracelet