B POWERFUL - Wild Chain Necklace

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Wild Chain Necklace   The Boume OneCube is a high-impact expression of your favourite... more
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Wild Chain Necklace


The Boume OneCube is a high-impact expression of your favourite four-letter sentiments. With characters stamped on each visible face of the cube, it can be rotated to reveal its hidden message.

Our cubes are the heart of Boume and form the founding building blocks for all our jewellery. Design your own personalised statement pieces by combining and customising cubes to create unique necklaces, bracelets, bangles and brooches that express your individuality. Collect these over a lifetime for wearable memories that last forever. 

A new take on the traditional charm bracelet, you can collect Boume cubes to combine in a myriad of ways that reflect your personality and tell your story. Ring the changes by creating new combinations for versatile new looks that evolve with you – let your imagination run wild!

  • 18 karat white gold
  • OneCube (small - 6x6mm)
  • 18 karat white gold small necklace (38cm)
  • Unique 18karat gold closure

For further information please see our Size Guide.

Please note, delivery takes up to 5 weeks.


The knots of our macramé string Bracelet are adjustable. When closed the circumference of the bracelet is 17.5cm for women and 19cm for men.


The hole of the cube has a diameter of 3mm. 

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Gender: Female
Goldtone: White Gold
Carrier: Necklace