BOUME’s beautiful bespoke jewelry is based on its precious lettered cubes in 18-karat gold. The name derives from a combination of the Afrikaans word ‘bou’, which means ‘to build’, and the English pronoun ‘me’, highlighting both the process through which these striking pieces are created and the uniquely personal aesthetic that they reflect.

Inspired by the toy building blocks that children play with all over the world, 

BOUME turns the concept of playful simplicity into a distinct line of fine, handcrafted and versatile jewelry that can express the wearer’s imagination, individuality and creative spirit. The BOUME brand embodies elegance with an edge; its exclusive ready-made collections and unique customizable pieces empower you to make a bold personal statement and to wear it loud! The myriad of customizable options also make BOUME jewelry the perfect unique gift for your loved ones, designed exclusively by you!


BOUME is the creation of internationally recognized jewelry designer Maxi Bauer.

Born in Munich, Maxi developed her distinctive aesthetic through an eclectic career as a successful actress, designer and entrepreneur, working in and taking inspiration from creative hubs as diverse as London, Berlin, New York and Bangkok.

Her playful nature and love of individuality are brought to life in BOUME - beautiful bespoke jewelry, crafted with precision and love in her native Germany. The joy of self-expression that informs Maxi's  acting shines through in these stunning statement pieces, which are uniquely customizable, just for you.

Featured in publications such as InStyle, Cosmopolitan and Bunte, Maxi invites you to express your own individual style in a multitude of ways through BOUME. 

“When you love what you do, it really doesn’t seem like work!”


At Boumé we see business as part of the bigger picture and the concept of giving back is highly important to us. Our philosophy and desire to encourage people to express their individuality and lifestyle through our jewelry, connects us to the free spirit of our favorite island, Ibiza. Specifically, we work closely with the local charity ‘Ibiza and Formentera against Cancer’ (Ibiza y Formentera contra el Cancer), focused on fighting cancer on the Pitiusas. The non-government and non-profit making association aims to create programs with methods of prevention and early identification, as well as supporting cancer victims and their families throughout the entire illness. The foundation’s comparably ‘small’ nature of business allows us to be in direct and close contact with the team, enabling us to fully guarantee our donations will reach the cause.
Every element of BOUME’s trademark 18-karat cubes is manufactured exclusively in Pforzheim, Germany’s ‘Golden City’, to ensure the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Each cube passes through multiple stages of production and is marked with a small letter ‘B’ and a certified 750g gold stamp, to reflect the authenticity and quality. BOUME’s color bracelets are made using macramé, an ancient plaiting technique that combines strength and beauty. All BOUME products are handcrafted using certified 18-karat gold in three distinct tones (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold), conflict-free and ethical diamonds, with delicate enamel work applied by hand to individual letters and symbols.

M A D E  I N  G E R M A N Y  – with Love


For BOUMÉ, success is just as much about giving back and supporting the causes of others. It is about seeing the bigger picture and helping create awareness for noteworthy projects around the globe that deserve our attention.


Within this spirit, we support causes as diverse as the Nam Khan Foundation establishing sustainable eco farming projects in Laos or the Share The Happiness Foundation that is currently building a school in Nepal.


By creating special charity edition necklaces or bracelets, BOUMÉ is able to share the respective proceeds and support the causes at hand, while also setting an example for younger generations to get involved.




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