“Next to my collaboration with Louis Vuitton, this is the best project I’ve worked on. I’m so happy and proud with how the letters have come out.

The attention to detail is insane and completely runs with my belief that you should always hand paint.“  




The Ben Eine series features three distinctive black bracelets, each with

hand-painted lettering in eye-catching colours. All cubes in the Ben Eine

series measure 8 x 8mm and feature the artist’s signature, alongside the 

Boume ‘B’ and gold stamp. The bracelets are available to buy in a

limited edition of eight.

The white gold “Adventure” bracelet captures the spirit of excitement and possibility that permeates Ben’s work. He says: “I painted the words "GREAT ADVENTURE" in Beijing, Dallas, San Francisco, Copenhagen, and Japan. What it means to me is completely different to everybody else. And that's what I love about random words and phrases taken out of context: everyone applies their own context. If you want to apply something political or meaningful to a word I wrote, then it's up to you.”

The “Amour” bracelet in red gold is a reimagining of Ben’s iconic “Love” works, the latest of which is a huge mural in Shoreditch, London. He believes in the power of words to spread positivity: “currently, it feels like we are surrounded by a lot of hate, anger, frustration and negativity, which is evident on the TV and when you read the news in the paper.. I’m trying to put something positive out there and do something to make people feel a little bit happier for that moment”.

The yellow gold “Dream” bracelet is a fitting epithet from an artist who dares to dream big. Ben currently holds the record for the largest work of street art in the world, a 17.5k square foot artwork in East London that is visible from space! 

Boume is excited to announce its first collaboration with international street art superstar, Ben Eine. Renowned as one of the most successful letterform artists in the world, Ben is regarded as a pioneer in the exploration of contemporary typography art. Originally a graffiti writer, he started his career over 30 years ago, leaving his first tag all over London before developing his distinct typographic style of street art. His bold, colourful typefaces can be found all over the world, from London to LA, Florence to Tokyo.


Fashion has always been a love of Ben’s - he has previously collaborated with Louis Vuitton and launched his own clothing brand, Eine London, at London Fashion Week in 2018.  He’s now turned his hand to jewellery, graffitiing Boume’s cubes with his distinct Circus typeface to create unique, limited edition, wearable artworks. 

Get in touch: m@boume.com



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