Ben Eine ADVENTURE | Color Bracelet

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LIMITED EDITION - created by artist Ben Eine. Renowned as one of the most successful letter form artists in the world, Ben is regarded as a pioneer in the exploration of contemporary typography art.

The white gold “Adventure” bracelet captures the spirit of excitement and possibility that permeates Ben’s work. He says: “I painted the words "GREAT ADVENTURE" in Beijing, Dallas, San Francisco, Copenhagen, and Japan. What it means to me is completely different to everybody else. And that's what I love about random words and phrases taken out of context: everyone applies their own context. If you want to apply something political or meaningful to a word I wrote, then it's up to you.”

  • 18 karat white gold
  • Color enamel letters
  • Unique 18 karat white gold closure
  • Limited Edition 18 karat white gold plate
  • Big cubes (8x8mm)
  • Black Macrame color bracelet
  • Adjustable strap - for men and for women

The clasp of our Color Bracelet is adjustable. When closed the circumference of the cotton bracelet is 17.5cm for women and 19cm for men (adjustable).

Letters and symbols are hand-painted using the delicate enamel coloring technique.

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