B YOURSELF - Airplane String Bracelet

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Soar, fly and reach for the clouds with this macramé string bracelet adorned with an enameled... more
Product information "B YOURSELF - Airplane String Bracelet"

Soar, fly and reach for the clouds with this macramé string bracelet adorned with an enameled airplane.


  • 18 karat yellow gold cube
  • Dark red string bracelet
  • Unique 18 karat yellow gold closure
  • Colorful enamel/hand-painted symbol colour
  • Bracelet size can be adjusted + 3cm
  • Small cube (6x6mm)
  • The hole of the cube has a diameter of 3mm
  • Each cube is certified and engraved as 750 (18k) gold and a B for authenticity

A picture speaks a thousand words.. Boume symbol cubes are a playful way to express yourself. Add a splash of colour to make your piece pop! 


Our cubes are the heart of Boume and form the founding building blocks for all our jewellery. Collect these over a lifetime for wearable memories that last forever. A new take on the traditional charm bracelet, you can collect Boume cubes to combine in a myriad of ways that reflect your personality and tell your story. Ring the changes by creating new combinations for versatile new looks that evolve with you – let your imagination run wild.



For custom products please WhatsApp +4915161727027 or email us at info@boume.de

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properties "B YOURSELF - Airplane String Bracelet"
Gender: Female, Male
Goldtone: Yellow Gold
Carrier: Bracelet
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