B POWERFUL - Long Chain Necklace - 74cm

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Wear your cubes loud and proud around your neck for maximum impact.  Hand-crafted... more
Product information "B POWERFUL - Long Chain Necklace - 74cm"

Wear your cubes loud and proud around your neck for maximum impact. 

  • Hand-crafted with love in Germany from 18k solid gold
  • 74cm in length
  • Available in three beautiful tones: yellow gold, rose gold and white gold
  • Can be bought individually or as part of a piece, combined with different settings
  • Are marked with a certified 750g gold stamp and a B for authenticity

The Chain Necklace bears the prominent Cubes elegantly strung around the neck. Unmistakable in its quality, without stealing spotlight from the Cubes, it either lets them hanging casually on the chest or tightly frame the neck. 

Boume settings have been specially designed to allow you express your creative flair and showcase your choice of cubes against statement backdrops. Cubes can be easily combined across different settings, so you can create beautiful, bespoke jewellery that you can change to suit your mood.

For custom products please WhatsApp +4915161727027 or email us at info@boume.de


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