BUILD ME | Customize Your Own Fine Jewelry

February 25, 2017

Boume is a way to explore your creativity and individuality. By customizing your unique Boume Jewelry, or as we like to call it by BUILDing the jewelry yourself, everyone is empowered to express their wildest fantasies and wear them out loud.


“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” ― John Lennon





Customize YOUR unique 18k gold Cube(s). Cubes come in one of three gold tones, and are available in two different sizes - giving you the chance to optimize the impact of your individual creation. You can further choose from a variety of symbols, enameled in a spectrum of colors. Should you want a special symbol do let us know, we will happily look into your inquiry!






Optionally you can combine the individualized Cubes with your uniquely designed Color Bracelet. Each piece is handmade using the ancient plating technique Macramé, originally from the Orient. Kindly note that the Color Bracelet cannot be taken apart, it is designed to make your statement lasting for a lifetime.


Alternatively, your customized Cubes are an ideal add-on to our Carriers that can be found in our Store under Carriers .




Visit our BUILD ME section to customize your unique fine jewelry:


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