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November 6, 2017

If you're looking for the best quality craftsmanship and efficiency in jewelry production in Germany (and worldwide!) Pforzheim is THE place. It's known as the Golden City because of its rich history and reputation in jewelry making.


And that's exactly where BOUMÉ jewelry is produced. We work with six different companies in Pforzheim (on the edge of southwest Germany's Black Forest).


Boumé Production

BOUMÉ is thus able to assure its customers the highest craftsmanship possible. Each cube passes through multiple stages of production and is marked with a small letter B, as well as a certified 750g gold stamp, While the label’s color bracelets are made using ‘Macramé’, an ancient plaiting technique originating from the Orient. All BOUMÉ products are handcrafted using certified 18-Karat gold in three distinct tones (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold). Diamonds purchased from legitimate sources, not involved in funding conflict, as well as delicate enamel coloring, applied by hand to individual letters and symbols.

Boume Production



The history of the Golden City

Pforzheim is steeped in history and success evidenced by the fact it celebrates its 250th Anniversary in jewelry and watchmaking this year, celebrating with a Jubilee Festival of events.


It all started back in 1767, when Margrave Karl Friedrich, Grand Duke of Baden issued the creation of a pocket watch and silverware manufactory and the rest is history!


The city is proud of its jewelry/watchmaking heritage which is shown by the fact it has two jewelry museums, the Jewellery Museum (known in German as the (Schmuck Museum) which is the only museum of its kind worldwide, showcasing 2000 exhibits from jewelry throughout history. Plus, the Technical Museum which is based in a former jewelry manufacturers building. Here visitors can find out more about the traditional jewelry and watchmaking industries.


Naturally the Golden City offers students the place to learn these traditional skills at its own School of Design which is part of Pforzheim University - it would be odd if it didn't! It's true that many of the goldsmiths, designers and watchmakers who study at the school remain in the city after they complete their education, as Pforzheim provides them with opportunities to showcase their valued and recognised skills.



We work with trusted companies; Hans-Jürgen Reich and Kalman Hafner.





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